Mrs. Barrier


I am so excited for another year at Fred L. Wilson. I have been working here since 2015. I am so excited to dive right in the Common Core and really teach these kiddos how to think and act like engineers! I love to read and it is my goal to make sure that all of my students fall in love with many books this year, and that they will learn how to just snuggle up in a corner and really dive into a book!

Davidson College || 2012 || B.A. Religion & Education
UNC Charlotte || 2015 || Elementary (K-6) Certification
Eastern Carolina University || 2020 || Master in School Administration

I firmly believe that the students that are coming through my classroom are going to be the game changers of the future. In order to prepare them for that role, I focus a lot of energy in making sure students are asked higher order questions, like how and why. On the flip side, I believe that being able to explain how and why things happen or do not happen can only be complimented if reading is a passion of all of my students. I also believe in the saying, fair isn't everybody getting the same thing... fair is everybody getting what they need to be successful. With that said, I do practice Love and Logic .

Simply put, my philosophy is to do what is best for kids.