Mrs. Bliss

Hello My Name Is...

Amy Bliss

My name is Amy Bliss and I am excited to be your child's second grade teacher at Fred L. Wilson.  I am married and have two children who attend Kannapolis City Schools in third and first.  This will be my 14th year teaching. I have taught pre-k and kindergarten previously. I grew up in Ohio and am a huge Ohio State Football Fan! I love reading and exercising in my spare time.

Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
I attended the University of Findlay, in Findlay, Ohio
where I 
 a Bachelor of Arts in Early Elementary Education.

Educational Philosophy/Vision:
I believe in a positive learning environment where the students feel comfortable asking questions and exploring while learning. As a teacher it is my responsibility to help facilitate learning though unique learning experiences.

This is what we are learning in our class during the month of October:

During number talks, we are practicing talking about our math thinking. Also, telling time to the hour and we will start to talk about time to the half hour.  We are starting to talk about coin values and counting them.  We are solving word problems.
We will begin a unit on measurement.  Students will measure with standard and non-standard tools.  They will also graph measurement data with a line plot.  We will begin measurement during the last week in October.

We are reading narratives and talking about how characters face challenges within the story.  We will also talk about how stories are structured. 

While reading nonfiction books, we are identifying features that help us to read those texts.

This month we will focus on writing narratives.  We will be examining narrative texts to help us write about characters in our own writing.

Social Studies:
We are going to visit the Schiele Museum November 3rd.  They will see and early settler’s home and learn about Native Americans from our area.  This is an important trip because we will learn about the Pilgrims and Wampanoag starting at the beginning of November.  This trip will help them to understand the challenges each group of people faced in their daily lives.  The personal experience makes a tremendous impact on their learning.

The students will learn about matter and how it changes.  This will include some fun experiments!  The students w