Mrs. Stegall
Welcome to my
Second Grade Classroom
My name is Jamie Stegall and I am excited to be your child's second grade teacher at Fred L. Wilson.  I am married and have two children who attend Kannapolis City Schools.  We are proud to be part of the Kannapolis City Schools family!

Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where I
received a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education.

Educational Philosophy/Vision:
The best learning environment is comfortable and inviting.  Students should feel free to make mistakes and take risks with their learning.  Our classroom is a friendly place to work cooperatively to achieve our learning goals.


This is what is happening in our class during the month of April:


We are still having our number talks, we are practicing talking about our math thinking. Also, telling time to the hour, half hour, and quarter hour.  We continue to count coins. We will work on different types of word problems and decide how to solve these problems.  The problems we are working on are start or change unknown.  The equations that match these word problems look like this _+8=10.   These word problems are difficult, due to the fact that they have to decide how to set up the equation and then also solve it effectively.  

We will be partitioning shapes into equal areas.  We will be making arrays again and also fractions.


Once Upon a time……… We are working on Fairy Tales, Folktales, and Fables.  We will compare different versions of a story from different character’s point of view.  Also, we’ll compare different versions of the same story from different cultures.  Mrs. Hiskey and Mrs. Hill will be helping us to create a story from the villain’s perspective using an app called Chatterpix.   

We also have a program called RazKids that we use at school. There is an app that you can download onto a tablet. You can use it at home as well.  The log in is jstegall8 and the password is FLW123.  Then they will just click on their name to access their account.  

Social Studies:
Money!  We are talking about Economics and Financial Literacy.  They will be learning about how we spend money, how we earn it, and also saving money.  Our final project is to create an item that could be sold.  They will present the item to the class by creating a commercial and poster board to describe the item.

Dates to remember:

Kannapolis Intimidators field trip 4/12

Spring Break is from 4/14-4/21.  We return on Monday, April 24.



Websites to use at home:


Things parents/guardians can do to help:
READ with your child EVERY night. 
Check their planner and sign it each night.  This ensures that I can communicate with you if there is a need.