Mrs. Cortes - Music

Vivian Cortes



Welcome to Music Class

Hello ! My name is Vivian Cortés, I am the music teacher. I'm from Puerto Rico, United States. I moved to North Carolina in December 1999 along with my husband Martin and my two kids Martin Andrés and Viviana María. I have been working at Fred L Wilson and Shady Brook since 2002. I love my profession and teaching music to children and playing music have always been my passions. I am looking forward to a fantastic school year and music programs for students and parents.     

College Attended/ Degrees Earned       
I graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico where I received a bachelor degree in Piano Performance and Music Education.   

Educational Philosophy / Vision            
I have always believed that the role of music education in school is to enhance and expand creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, problem solving, literacy, flexibility, self-direction, social, cross-cultural, productivity, accountability, leadership, and responsibility in students through the integration of music in the teaching/ learning process. Music education is both an individual and a collaborative group experience that provides an enduring understanding of concepts that transcends grade levels and enables responsible individuals to become contributing members of society while communicating in a global society.



                                              Welcome Back !

 September and October In Our Class

        Responding to Steady beat activities
        Using accurate pitch to imitate and recognize two - pitch melodic patterns
        Learning appropriate use of classroom musical instruments
        Recognize iconic symbols for at least two different pitches.

First grade: 
       Responding to Beat and Steady Beat
      Use accurate pitch to imitate three- pitch melodic patterns
      The Music Alphabet and Staff

Second grade:
     The Music Alphabet
      Staff, lines and spaces names, treble clef
     Accurate pitch to sing three- pitch melodic patterns
     Interpret with voice and instruments three- pitch melodic patterns

Third grade:
     The Music Alphabet
     Staff, lines and spaces, treble clef notes, bar lines, measure, step, skip, and repeated tones
     Sing and write major scale tones

Fourth grade:
    Review/ learn  The Music Alhabet
   The staff, treble clef and lines and spaces names, bar lines, measure, sharp and flat
   Rounds in two and/or three parts

Fifth grade:
   Review/learn The Music Alphabet, the staff, Treble clef, lines and spaces names, bar lines, measure, sharp and flat effect on tones
  Partner songs and Rounds